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About Chris Wooten:

I ran for the House of Representatives because I was tired of voting for the candidate I disliked the least. I’m was fed up with thinking, "Is this the best we have?"

I also ran because I have been serving since I was 19 years-old. First, as a Marine, then, a state trooper, and even as a local football coach. I felt the people of Lexington deserved representation from someone who’s worked 12 hours every day to start with nothing and build a successful business right here in our community.

Most of all, I’m especially proud to say I’m not a career politician. For years, we have elected career politicians, and now we’re stuck cleaning up the mess they made. It’s up to we, the people of Lexington County, to restore trust in state government and make it more responsive to our needs. People want less talk and more results, and that is now and will always be my promise.  I would love and be honored to have your support.

For more information on how to become part of our great family, please Contact us or request to volunteer today!

Chris Wooten

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Tune in EVERY Wednesday at 9-10am to the Chris Wooten show as we open the doors for transparency at the State House.  Each week will consist of different guest from both sides of the aisle as we discuss the tough topics that face our state.

Committee to Elect Chris Wooten
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